My name is Kary York and I want to give you information about my background.

I grew up in Michigan and moved to WA in the 80’s.  I graduated from Central Washington University in 1991 with a degree in Business.  After spending six years in the aerospace industry, I took a job in recruiting, loved it and have been in the industry ever since.  I recently opened my own firm, Insurance Resourcing LLC, a boutique consulting and recruiting firm dedicated to the specific hiring needs of the insurance industry.  You can see my website at  Watch for upcoming blog posts about the top 10 interview questions and how to be prepared for them.

When I ‘m not working, you’ll find me outside.  Hobbies include downhill skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking and running.   I’m also involved with a large ski/sports club called S’no Joke Ski Club, check out the website at, we are always looking for new members that are athletic and like to have fun with like-minded people.